Why Leverage Cric-Avatar?

- Best and economical cricket simulator

- Instant replay to the ball

- Live video Streaming

- Intelligent hand matching technology

- Equipped with artificial intelligence.

- Easy Line & Length Change Operations using tab.

- Dealer app

- Offline mode

- Video to mail

- Equipped with advanced technology for the software upgradation

- Equipped automatic line and length change mechanism

Features of Leverage Cric-Avatar

Pitch Simulation
Select the desired pitch ( English or sub continent)... Accordingly the bounce, swing in
the air and deviation off the pitch can be experienced by the batsman.

Artificial intelligence
The Cric Avatar system is equipped with a Bowling Robot . The intuitive system will
increase and decrease complexity of the variations depending on the situation. For
Eg... A novice cricketer can score easily and win the contest or it can create a
situation where a professional cricketer might also struggle to reach the target.

Automatic line and length change Cric Avatar system bowls deliveries from bouncer to
yorker without any manual intervention at any speed. The machine automatically
adjusts it's line and length according to the speed and swing of the ball.

Day and night conditions
This feature enable the batsman to experience both day and night match experience.
The bowler will use varied colors according to the match scenario. And also it
simulates the variations of deliveries accordingly.

Speciality variations
Reverse swing (15 types with change in swing, line, length and bounce) Googly and
chinaman (15 types with change in swing, line, length and bounce)

Regular Variations
Speed : 60 to 170 km/h ( locked at 140 km/h)
Swing and Spin:
In swing and out swing ( 31 types )
Off Spin and Leg Spin ( 31 types)

Hand Matching adjustment
Adjustment of hand position to match the delivery point ( by Increasing or decreasing
the speed of the hand moment ) provided to the operator. This facility will enable to
add multiple bowlers in the future and also accuracy to match the hand to the delivery

Live video stream
This live video stream window ( is adjustable to full screen ,half screen or convert into
a small block at the corner of the screen). This makes interesting option to batsman to
see his full screen window any point of time during the game.

Instant replay
Instant replay can be watched with regular speed or in the super slow motion as per
the choice
The shot played can also be viewed with a frame to frame adjustment ( both forward
and backward).

Highlights of the match
At the end of the game will be displayed ( only 4's, or 4's & 6's or 4's, 6's and wicket
taking deliveries etc)

Video to E- Mail
Automatically Sends the video of the batsman to mail id provided by the player
immediately after the game

Mobile App
The owner is provided with a mobile app through which one can get notifications of
1. Analytics of the day or the entire week ( no. of games played, frequency of games
at a particular time or a day, player history etc)
2. Number of games played in that hour or day or in the week
3. Amount collected in that hour/ day or the week
3. No of times the system is switched on and off

Upgradation of software
The Cric Avatar simulation system is equipped with Remote Control mechanism.
Therefore all the software Upgradation can be done from the Server itself.